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Bridal Shower Invitations

Generally, bridal showers are the domain of the maid/matron of honor. Of course, she can have help from the rest of the bridal party. Usually the bride’s relatives should not be the ones to throw the party (this is viewed as a greedy grab for gifts by some guests). However, if the maid/matron of honor isn’t available – because she lives out of town, for example – then it’s acceptable for a close friend, bridesmaid, or co-worker to do the honors.

There are many different and exciting themes for bridal shower invitations. A bridal shower should cater to the needs of the bride by inviting guests to bring gifts that the bride will need after her wedding day as she begins her new life as a married woman. Bridal shower invitations can relate to a bridal shower theme, be classic or modern, conservative or feature lingerie, or a whole new theme or idea for a bridal shower. No matter what bridal shower invitations you are looking for, we have the right bridal shower invitations for any bridal shower event.

While your bachelorette party might have been wild and crazy, your bridal shower should be a little more subdued. Pick bridal shower invitations that will hint at the kind of party you are having. Traditionally, a bridal shower is a gathering of your female friends and relatives over tea or brunch. This is another great chance to get together with your bridal party and spend time together before you become a wife.

Bridal shower invitations don't have to match your wedding stationery, but it can if you so choose. Browse our wide selection of bridal shower invitations and you're sure to find styles and colors that will suit your event. Planning a bridal shower tea? Pick light pastel invitations with a delicate design. Having the ladies over for a bridal shower brunch? Pick a feminine design and color and you'll have the perfect look for your bridal shower invitations.