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Graduation Invitations

A graduation can be time to celebrate both with family and friends and also with business associates and clients. When choosing the most appropriate graduation invitation, keep in mind the people that will be on your guest list.

If you will be celebrating with and sending graduation announcements to family, choose a style that suits you. A high school graduation announcement can range from cartoonish and whimsical to classic with just your school colors. Likewise, some college graduation announcements range from fun to serious. If you are sending graduation invitations to some and graduation announcements to others, you may want to choose matching styles or themes. While this is not necessary, keeping in the same style does make for a nice, neat look when it comes to graduation announcements and graduation invitations.

If you are celebrating your graduating with an advanced degree, chances are you might be sending your graduation announcement to business colleagues, associates and clients. In this instance, you will want to keep your graduation announcement much more professional. While you can include your school colors, you might also consider using your company colors or even company logo to adorn your graduation announcements. Your graduation is certainly a cause for celebration; show your professional side with a graduation announcement that is understated with classic appeal.